Well I had an awesome experience at Butler Farms. Mr. Don and Ms. Sandie are the sweetest people that you will ever meet…they know how to treat their guest. As

Beautiful Sunset That God Painted From Butler Farms

God painted this beautiful sunset the last evening of bean harvest at Butler Farms.  A reminder that we should be thankful for the many blessings at harvest time. “From the

Butler Farms Lodge

If your a deer hunter coming to Pike County, Illinois and need lodging, Butler Farms has lodging accommodations available. Butler Farms lodge is the perfect place for relaxation and tranquility

Turkey flock, doe, and her fawn are feeding on the brassica food plot. The brassica plot adjacent to the woods helps with the numbers of the turkeys on the properties

Brassica food plot is looking good but could use some rain.  The mix includes forage collard, hunter brassica, purple top turnips, barkant turnips, cabbages, radishes, and rape which makes a

Weather- Scrapes and Rubs

The weather rollercoaster of bow hunting weekly forecast has begun in Pike County, Illinois.  Hunting strategies must be applied to a bow hunt when the temperatures seems to be in

The Fight Is On

The fight has erupt between these two bucks.  Fighting for their territory or a doe has come into heat.

Bucks On The Move

Hear the sounds of thunder this morning here in Pike County, IL.  Receiving some much needed rain with a cool front on the way.  Temperatures in the lower 40’s at