Turkey Hunting 101 | 6 Turkey Hunting Tips

Every year when spring rolls around, hunters return to their neon green fields and woods, dressed head-to-toe in Realtree Camo. They are chasing the flop, and it is addicting, to

10 Myths About Hunting Mature Whitetail Bucks

Bucks will run across the landscape and those reclusive giants will wander in search of does. Or will they? What if everything we thought we knew about mature bucks isn’t

Tips for using Scents, Calls and Decoys

When you stay in our rental, you are right in the center of some of the best hunting action in the country. The following are some tips you can use

Illinois Archery Deadlines 2017-2018 Season

Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures Archery hunts in Pike County, IL. Book your archery hunt where you will always have the freedom to hunt on your own tract of land. You

It’s Time to Start Scouting Gobblers. Early March is the perfect time to begin scouting for spring turkeys. This time of year the woods are the least dense they are

The last of February is usually the time most shed hunters start their searches. However, as of Valentine’s Day, some mature bucks still had both sides in place. This time

Are you ready for turkey season? Illinois opening season is just two months away. Butler Farms offers spring turkey hunts in a low pressure hunting environment. You will enjoy the

2017 Greetings from Butler Farms! It’s been a while since I blogged as we have taken some time off to spend with our children and grandchildren for the holiday season