Nine Food Plot Tips

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There’s a science to establishing a great food plot for deer, and it all starts with finding the perfect place to plant it. Even if you normally go deer hunting with your gut as your guide, there are considerations you need to make in choosing a food plot location that are going to take time and thought.

Consider yourself a farmer trying to find the most effective place for his crops. However, don’t take the farmer mentality when it comes to the perfection or uniformity of your crops. Contrary to popular belief, an effective food plot will be an amalgamation of different food options and will look haphazard and utterly wild. You want deer to flock to the plot without being suspicious, and you don’t want other hunters to spot your plot from afar and realize what you’ve constructed.

  1. Size does matter
  2. Pick a treestand location first 
  3. Think about the wind 
  4. Play the angles 
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