Start Scouting For Gobblers

It’s Time to Start Scouting Gobblers.

Early March is the perfect time to begin scouting for spring turkeys. This time of year the woods are the least dense they are all year. You can see farther and even see into hollers that are usually blocked by dense foliage. The toms are still together but this unseasonably warm weather has them gobbling already. It is way too early to find out where gobblers will be roosting during the mating season, but you can get a very good handle on how many birds are living on a given property. I checked and there are still spring turkey permits available for Pike County. Call us get the turkey hunt of a lifetime scheduled here at Butler Farms. Also, you will experience the peaceful and quiet atmosphere at Butler Farms Lodge which is included in your turkey hunt.  Butler Farms also welcomes hunters that are hunting in Pike County, IL and would  like to experience  overnight accommodations in a country setting.

     Pike County Lodging

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    Start Scouting For Gobblers • Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures

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    Start Scouting For Gobblers • Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures

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