A deer head with antlers in the shape of a circle.

Hear From Satisfied Adventurers

Deer Hunting

I have had the pleasure to archery hunt deer at Butler Farms a couple of times. For a “do it yourself” bow hunt, there is no better place in Pike Co., IL. For decades Pike County has been the “Go To” spot for trophy whitetailed deer in the Midwest. The DIY aspect at Butler Farms allows the hunter to pick his own spot and place his own stands. This gives the hunter the absolute highest level of confidence in the safety and success of his hunt. But do not think there is no help. The Butlers have multiple trail cameras strategically placed throughout their properties to help narrow down your preferred locations.

Mike Roux

Turkey Hunting

I have also turkey hunted at Butler Farms. The terrain there is easy to navigate and easy to hunt. Birds are plentiful, and once again, their use of trail cameras will assist you as you choose the location to begin your hunt. I recommend bringing and putting up a ground blind. Anytime you are hunting unfamiliar property a blind is your best bet to stay concealed. You will hear lots of gobbling at Butler Farms.

Mike Roux


One of the best things that Sandra and Don Butler provide is their gorgeous, comfortable, and sparkling clean lodge. Hunters rest, sleep and prepare their meals in total comfort with all the amenities of home. Another thing to keep in mind is that you do not have to hunt at Butler Farms to stay at their lodge. They are very willing to rent rooms in the lodge for folks hunting elsewhere in Pike County. This is a service they happily provide that other outfitters do not. And once see this facility it will become obvious why the Butlers rent this space out for meetings, family reunions and Church groups.

We have all hard of and experienced family owned and operated businesses. This one stands out as one of the best. Do yourself a favor and call Don or Sandra Butler and check this place out. You can thank me later.

Mike Roux


I truly enjoyed my stay at your farm. I have been to several outfitters and yours is one of the best. The hospitality and the beautiful lodge will be hard to beat. The hunting areas are very friendly to access and hunt. The quality of deer is great. My four days that I got to hunt I saw, 27 bucks and 17 does. I saw bucks ranging in size 130-165 plus. By the signs that I saw, there are some much bigger ones here. Also, I got to spend time with a close friend on this hunt and got to do a lot of catching up. Hunting trips are the best way that I know do such things, Again, I really enjoyed my stay with and looking forward to coming back again.

May God bless you and your business.

I hunted with Butler Farms for the first time this year and I came home with my tag in hand not because the opportunity was not there, but by choice. I also saw an absolute monster buck, after that sighting no other buck would do. The buck to doe ratio was beyond amazing and the quality of 2-3 years bucks only lets me know that if you desire to see and attempt to harvest a world class buck this is a place I will continue to go. Don and Sandie have an amazing lodge only to be outdone by the fact they are great people. I strongly suggest you book your hunt soon

Big Daddy and Mrs. Sandie

I had a great time hunting this week. We saw six different shooter bucks and five other bucks and several does. Had a great rutting action and seems like we were always in deer. The food was excellent and the hospitality was wonderful. I always look forward to coming up here every year. The last morning of the hunt, I was sitting in stand and heard two bucks fighting. A little after daylight, a tremendous buck came out chasing a doe across the field, and then a bigger buck and a smaller buck came out. Great action! I did not kill a deer, but I love to watch deer act like you read about in the magazine.