Turkey Hunting

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Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures offers Spring Turkey Hunting beginning in Mid-April. You will find the same courteous service and traditional values as with our whitetail deer hunting. Our guests enjoy the freedom of DIY hunting on their own tract of land. Hunters enjoy the privacy and quality that our beautiful farms have to offer. You may check in at 12:00 noon the day before to scout your site. All hunts are non-guided (DIY).

Whitetail hunters from the fall 19-20 season
have reported high numbers of turkey at Butler Farms!

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2021 Spring Illinois Non-Guided Turkey Hunting                                               

Free Lodging At Butler Farms Lodge With Hunt

Dates                                Days         Rates

Youth         03/27/21 to 03/28/21         2             $750

Youth         04/03/ 21 to 04/04/21        2             $750

First            04/12/21 to 04/16/21          5             $750

Second       04/17/21 to 04/22/21          6            $750

Third          04/23/21 to 04/28/21          6             $750

Fourth        04/29/21 to 05/05/21          7             $750

Fifth            05/06/21 to 05/11/21           8            $750

*Rates based on Northern Zone Region 4 Pike County, Illinois and a
minimum of 2 hunters. Single hunter rates are $900 per season. Prices
subject to change


   Permit Maximum = 3 (up to 2 permits may be obtained via the Lottery process*)  

  • 1st Lottery: Illinois residents ONLY (customers may only submit one application in this Lottery)
  • Applications begin – October 8, 2019                                    Applications end – December 1, 2019
  •  2nd Lottery:  Nonresidents and those Illinois residents who did not apply/were not successful in 1st Lottery (customers may only submit one application in this Lottery
  • Applications begin – December 3,2019
  • Applications end – January 13, 2020
  • 3rd Lottery:  Illinois residents and nonresidents (customers who have been issued a permit in the 1st or 2nd Lottery may submit one application in 3rd Lottery).  Customers who have not been issued any permits may submit up to two applications in 3rd Lottery).
  • Applications begin – January 14, 2020
  • Applications end – February 10, 2020
  • *NOTE: Customers who receive Landowner permits (residents and nonresidents) may submit one application via the Lottery process (3rd Lottery only).
  • OTC Permits:  Remaining County-Issued permits will go on sale over the counter beginning March 10, 2020.




Turkey Hunting Packages

Lodging is included in the above rates. All rates and dates are based on North Zone Region 4 and a minimum of 2 hunters. Single hunter rates are $900 per season. Pricing subject to change.

Turkey Hunting Permit Information

Visit the Illinois Department of Natural Resources for wild turkey hunting and permit information.

Resident Turkey Hunting:

Residents of Illinois can click here to get a spring turkey hunting application.

Non-Resident Turkey Hunting:

Non-Residents of Illinois can apply for a spring turkey hunting permit by clicking here.

We look forward to hosting your turkey hunting trip at Butler Farms Outdoor Adventures!

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