A deer standing in the woods with trees behind it.

10 Myths About Hunting Mature Whitetail Bucks

. Bucks will run across the landscape and those reclusive giants will wander in search of does. Or will they? What if everything we thought we knew about mature bucks isn’t quite as it seems? Well, that just might be the case. Researchers are learning more about mature bucks every year and with that research comes some serious myth-busting. Here are a few myths about mature whitetail bucks. Let us know what you think.

1: Mature Bucks are more active midday during the rut.

2: Bucks will cover plenty of ground during the rut.

3: A dominant buck will “control†the best area of a property.

4: Mature bucks are “here today, gone tomorrow†during the peak of the rut.

5: Mature bucks track hot does by their urine.

6: I’m not hurting anything by hunting hard.

7: Weather puts mature bucks on their feet.

8: Mature bucks will rut earlier (or later) based on weather conditions and/or moon phase.

9: Mature bucks live where they live all year long.

10: Mature bucks vacate public land when hunting pressure kicks in.

Take a look over at OutdoorLife for their explanations on these myths. Contact us about your ideas and if you have questions about Whitetail Deer hunting.